CHC 2D 2011: Prepping for Your Videos

  • Our Goals:
  • To understand and evaluate the treatment of Canada’s Aboriginal peoples in the 1920s
  • To learn some basic video editing skills in preparation for your project
  • To see if our class can work effectively (and simultaneously) on separate tasks


Half of the class will work on a short reading Conditions of Canada’s Aboriginal Peoples.  The reading can be found on pages 76-77. I’d like you to answer questions 1 and 4 on pg 78, which deal with the conditions faced by the Aboriginal peoples, and possible solutions. At the end of class, we will take a look at some current examples of the Aboriginal experience to see how much things have changed.

The other half of the class will experiment with video editing. The instructions are below.

The two halves of the class will switch roles at approximately 9:05.


Getting Ready

  1. Find the CHC 2D editing practice.wmv in the Handout Folder. Copy and Paste it into your H Drive.
  2. Open Windows Movie Maker
  3. On the left-hand side of Movie Maker, there is a tab called import. Click on the Video option, and navigate to your copy of CHC 2D editing practice.wmv.
  4. Make sure Windows Movie Maker is on the timeline view.
  5. Drag the CHC 2D editing practice.wmv onto the video timeline.

What we will do

  1. we will eliminate one section of the video, using the audio timeline to help us
  2. we will loop one section of the existing video
  3. we will replace the audio for the looped section
  4. I will give you time to explore other options for editing
  5. We will also try to add Public Domain songs from the 1920s

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