CHC 2D 2011: The Roaring Twenties Skit

Roaring Twenties Video

What you will do:

  • You will produce a video that is roughly 4-5 minutes long
  • Your skits will demonstrate the role of women, transportation, prohibition, sports, or culture on Canada during the 1920s

Some Guidelines

  • The video must feature a number of specific references and details related to your topic and the 1920s in general
  •  The video needs a narrative! Creating a story (characters, a conflict, or action) will help you avoid the bland inclusion of facts
  • You need to act. You don’t have to be a great actor; still, you need to use your voice and actions to communicate with the audience. Avoid the semi-circle of death at all costs. (ask me about this)
  • By the time you are done, I need to know that you have a relatively complete picture of the role your topic played in the 1920s.

Production Considerations

  • We will be using a program called Windows Movie Maker to create the videos. It is easy to use. Still, if you need technical assistance, I will help you.
  • You may include some images and video from other sources, but you might cite them. You must also maintain an appropriate balance between your own footage and external footage.
  • Each student will be assessed individually. Thus, it is imperative that the workload is shared.

Category/ Criteria

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Knowledge/ Understanding
inclusion of details in skit limited use of appropriate facts and
some use of appropriate facts  and details considerable use of appropriate
facts and details
thorough use of appropriate facts
and details
Thinking and Inquiry
Creativity and originality of  skit
Evidence of planning in skit
skit contains little creativity and
originality, and little evidence of planning
skit contains some creativity and
originality, and some evidence of planning
skit contains considerable creativity
and originality, and considerable evidence of planning
contains a high degree of creativity and originality, and evidence of
thorough planning

Communication of key ideas through acting and voice skills

organization and editing of video

Communicates  key ideas with limited effectiveness-video demonstrates little organization Communicates  key ideas with some effectiveness-video demonstrates some organization Communicates
key ideas with considerable effectiveness-video demonstrates considerable organization
Communicates  key ideas with a high degree of  effectiveness-video demonstrates a high degree of organization

Connections made between facts/details to demonstrate overall understanding of theme

(includes citations, if applicable)

limited connections made some connections made considerable  connections made a high degree of  connections made

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