CHC 2D 2011: Introduction to the 1920s

Your next assignment will be a skit about life in the 1920s. We will discuss this more tomorrow; today, you need to prepare by dedicating some time to getting an overview of life in Canada in the 1920s.

  1. Find a partner. Please remember that Ms. Mendonca has the option to re-assign the pairs as she sees fit.
  2. Choose 1 item  from each column  below. You and your partner will learn what you can about your choices.
  3. Use the following approach to focus  your work: what was it, and why was it important at the time?
  4.   You and your partner will alternate between the computer and the textbook. When your partner is on the computer, you must be using the textbook. When you partner is examining, say, Prohibition, you will be examining something like the Statute of Westminister.
  5. On Friday (remember that we have a test on Thursday), the entire class will work together to unify our ideas.
Internet Textbook (use the index to find…)
Prohibition (the banning of alcohol) King/Byng Affair
Flappers (rebellious young women) Statute of Westminster
The Impact of the Automobile on 1920s Canada Tom Longboat
Lionel Conacher (Canada’s first great athlete?) Statute of Westminster

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