CHC 2D 2011: Avoiding Conflict

The world economy is unstable.  Nations are on the verge of bankrupcy. Conflict between workers and the establishment continues and, in some cases, may lead to violence.

Thankfully, the situation in Canada is not yet desperate. Still, if the world economy enters another full-blown recession, Canada’s economy–and, therefore, its workers–will suffer.

Thus, the Canadian government has hired you to investigate labour disputes throughout Canadian history. In particular, the government wants you to investigate the events of the Winnipeg General Strike of 1919. Your goal is to create a list of 4-5 points that the government will use as guidelines for dealing with future labour disputes. You must support your points with evidence from the Strike.

Here are some questions that may help you prepare your responses:

  • What responsibilities does the government have to workers and to owners?
  • How should the government respond to demands or ideas that it deems unacceptable?
  • How can a government maintain peace and order in difficult times without infringing on the rights of citizens?

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