CHC 2D 2011: The Futility of War/Test Review

Today, we will watch a video that will outline the events of the last day of World War I. It will also provide an overview of some of the key points from this unit.

We will dedicate Thursday to this review.



Gavrilo Princip
Black Hand
Wilfred Laurier
Arthur Currie
Sam Hughes
Douglas Haig
Robert Borden
Franz Ferdinand
Triple Entente
Triple Alliance
The Somme
Enfield Rifle
Ross Rifle
McAdam shovel
Vimy Ridge
Western Front

Concepts/Issues (know in detail)
Schlieffen Plan
Life in the trenches (remember the video games?)
Vimy Ridge and its impact on Canada
The Conscription Crisis
The 4 Underlying Causes of World War I
The Immediate Cause of World War I
How/Why America entered the War
The End of the War
The Treaty of Versailles
Just War (remember the Catechism?)

Test Format/Things to Remember
Mix and Match
Map (indentify the nations in the alliances…the test will include a map of Europe)
Short paragraph response (think about the most likely choices for this)
Longer response (this will be a bigger topic…analysis will be required)


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