CHY 4U 2011: Two Birds, One Stone

Our goal today is to create a visual representation of our findings about key thinkers during the Scientific Revolution. Here is why:

  • We still need to bring together our findings about these thinkers in a way that makes sense
  • Your next assignment will be a poster or inforgraphic about some aspect of World War II. We may be using a very cool resume building site called to build visual histories of an event or a person. Either way, consider today’s task practice for the assignment.

Let’s begin by getting some quick visuals about the Scientific Revolution. Here are 5 minute videos about Newton, Kepler, and Galileo.

Before I set you loose on your creations, I want you to consider the following exemplars. What makes them effective?

  1. Here are some posters from a school in the Toronto area
  2. Look at some cool infographics

We will talk about this more tomorrow. For now, I’d like you to use the information about the pioneers of the Scientific Revolution in the Hand-Out Folder to create a visual representation of the information.  Please use one of the following tools, all available on the computer sitting in front of you:

  • Smart Art (part of all Office programs)
  • Smart Ideas (mind-mapping software)
  • Publisher
  • Fireworks (image-editing)

Please experiment with these options. Regardless of your choice, I’d like you to think about the following:

  1. How will you use the whole page?
  2. How will you integrate images and text?
  3. What sort of images will fit the task?

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