CHY 4U 2011: Questions from the Quiz Show

In both the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, this “chain” was used to explain the relationship between all living things.
Maps in the Middle Ages were often arranged inside this being’s body.
This term describes a sweeping series of changes that fundamentally alters a society.
The “new ideas” of the Renaissance were actually old ideas from these two cultures.
This disease decimated Europe, killing 1/3 of the population.

While the defeat of this Spanish military force did not hurt Spain in the long run, its failure is legendary.
Spain enslaved Africans, but tried to save the souls of natives of the New World by doing this.
Thanks to huge deposits of this valuable resource in the New World, Spain became increasingly wealthy.
This state broke all the rules: it turned away from the Church, bowed to a Queen, and openly endorsed piracy.
This is the name of one of the two New World cultures destroyed by Spain.

This ruler was once known as the Defender of the Faith.
This man’s role in the Gunpowder Plot became legendary.
No one in Europe was prepared for the onslaught brought by the armies from this Empire.
This dutch noble became King of England.
This man was the key figure in the PUritan push during the English Civil War.

One of Martin Luther’s main objections to the Catholic Church was this practice, through which Catholics sometimes attempted to buy their way into heaven.
This is the name given to the reshaping of the Christian faith spearheaded by Martin Luther.
This religious order, based on military traditions and learning, was created in response to Luther’s separation from the Church.
This order was nicknamed Domini Canes because of its pit-bullish devotion to enforcing Church law.
This order was easy to like, especially since its founder was so nice to animals.

This nickname demonstrates the difficulty female rulers like Elizabeth faced; marry (or have a relationship) and your power may disappear.
Elizabeth used these people to find out what the male members of her court were up to.
Elizabeth forced the ladies in her court to wear this colour so she would stand out from the crowd.
The order explaining that “good” Christians should disobey the Queen came from this man.

History is written by the victors
History is the story of class struggles
History is determined by big ideas and big changes
History is the story of powerful men shaping the world
History is shaped by conflict and synthesis


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