CHC 2D 2011: Generals on Trial

Here are some resources that you will need for tomorrow’s trial:

  • A link to the Catechism’s index (W), which includes war. Look at any subheadings that may be appropriate; make sure you think about how these subheadings might apply to the general you are defending/prosecuting
  • Outlines the “lions led by donkeys” argument.  Remember that some of the sources contain video. (Officers and Men applies to all groups. The Haig groups should look at the last two, The Somme and The Hundred Days)
  • The Encyclopedia of Military Biography is on my desk. Use it.
  • The scrapbooks will be very useful to anyone in the Currie Case.
  • The textbook will help anyone examining Hughes.
  • You may explore other sources, but you need to discuss them with me first.



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