CHC 2D 2011: Can You Do The Impossible?

Today, you will work with a small group of students to plan a seemingly impossible attack on Vimy Ridge in northern France. Because the Ridge helps protect important coal mines, the Germans are determined to keep it. Battle has raged here for months, and the French have tried repeatedly to take the Ridge.  On April 9th, 1917, you will lead Canadian men to perhaps the greatest Canadian victory of the war….or to their deaths.

Vimy Ridge (Public Domain, from Wikipedia)

What you are facing:

  • Vimy Ridge is approximately 8 km long, and nearly 150 metres tall at its highest point.
  • The height of the Ridge gives the defenders a perfect view of any attack
  • The defenders are from three divisions of the German Sixth Army, and are battle-hardened veterans.
  •  The Germans have dug three rows of trenches into the ridge, all protected with barbed wire, artillery, and machine guns
  •  The French had some initial success, but were eventually pushed back. The French suffered almost 150 000 casualties.

What you need to overcome:

  •  You must find a way to discover exactly where German troops are positioned
  • You must find a way to get the majority of your men up the Ridge as quickly and effectively as possible.
  • You must find a way to deal with the German defenders and locate their guns

What you have:

  •  For the first time in the war, four Canadian divisions will fight together, meaning that almost 100 000 Canadian men are at your disposal. You also have another 70 000 British troops.
  •  Weapons and supplies championed by Sam Hughes have been replaced by much more reliable British gear.
  • The weapons available to you are the same that are available in the military strategy game you played a week ago.

Good luck….you will need it.


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