CHC 2D 2011: More About Propaganda

Our Goals Today:

  1. To enhance our understanding of propaganda
  2. To identify some propaganda techniques used in a classic film about World War I
  3. To decide how Sam Hughes should be remembered
  4. To discuss strategies for preparing a personal narrative (supplemental)

Understanding Propaganda

Identify Some Propaganda Techniques

How Should Sam Hughes Be Remembered?

  • Sam Hughes was Canada’s Minister of the Militia. He helped shape the Canadian military in a number of ways. Today, you need to decide if his legacy is positive or negative.
  • Please read pages 38-39 Canada Prepares to Defend an Empire
  • Keep track of your ideas any way you wish; I recommend a chart. Please remember to provide proof for your claims

Strategies for Preparing a Personal Narrative

  • Write in the first person. This means you need to write the narrative as if you are this character (“I saw…I wondered…”)
  • Develop your character before you write. How old is he? Where does he live? What is his view of the war?
  • Think about where/when/how this character will encounter propaganda. This will shape your narrative considerably.

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