ENG 4U 2011: More Work With Introductions

While we made some progress on Friday, we need to do some more work with introductions.  I need you to experiment with all four styles today. Remember that your first assignment is a series of introductions, so consider today’s task very useful practice. Remember, too, that your approach must be sustained and developed. For example, if you write an anecdotal introduction, the anecdote should be several sentences long.

Here is a quick recap of the styles we want to master:

  • General to Specific: move the reader from a general discussion of the subject to a clear and specific thesis statement
  • Anecdotal: begin the introduction with an experience (yours or someone else’s) that helps you lead the reader to the thesis. This can also include a hypothetical scenario in which you ask the reader to imagine him/herself in the situation you’ve presented.
  • Informative: use a relevant and compelling bit of information to entice the reader. Make sure, however, that your introduction clearly connects the fact to the thesis.
  • Contrasting: Present statements, facts, or explanations that seem to support a particular view, and “flip” your perspective just before reaching the thesis. For example, you begin your introduction by explaining why something may be bad, but lead the reader to a thesis that argues that the thing is actually good.

I also want you to understand that these methods are not restricted to essays. Let’s take a look at some other forms of communication that rely on these styles. We will consider the openings of the media pieces below. Remember that the introductions may combine several techniques:

We will use the same writing prompts/topics we used last week.


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