CHY 4U: Reasoning and Historical Schools

We have two topics to discuss today. In the first half of class, we will attempt to piece together your work from yesterday. In the second half, I will introduce you to different ways of looking at history, called Historical Schools.

  1. We need to collate your work from yesterday. Each group will provide us the basics about the event/issue/person examined.
  2. Everyone needs to add these to their notes. Your notes may be hand-written or electronic, using the program of your choice. Consider the method of organization you will use: flow charts, diagrams, or simple notes are all reasonable choices.
  3. We will discuss the findings as a whole, and attempt to come to a more complex understanding of America’s relationship with the Middle East and Islamic states.

Historical Schools

First, don’t think of “schools” as buildings or places. The term school can also refer to a school of thought, meaning a way of approaching certain issues from a consistent theoretical perspective.  For historians, belonging to a certain school or tradition shapes the way they research, argue, and write.

I need you to find a partner and lay claim to one of the Historical Schools listed on pages 7-9 in your text. Here they are:

Great Forces
Hegelian Dialectic
Radical School
Turner Thesis

In 25 minutes, I need you:

  1. to explain this school to the class
  2. to provide at least one clear event/issue/person from history that would interest an historian who belonged to the school. Be prepared to your reasoning

Please remember that you have a wide range of sources you can consult online, too.


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