CHC 2D 2011: Introduction to Canadian History

What We Will Do Today:

  • We need to discuss the new Late Assignment Policy for the Board. There are some important changes you need to examine.
  • I need to tell you why I’d like you to bring earphones and/or a flashdrive to this class. (Please do not buy these things unless you were already planning to do so)
  • I’d like to explain some basic features of this blog, and how it will impact what you do
  • I also need to explain why I have permission to use a SmartPhone to track learning skills
  • We need to talk about how we will use the computers in this room. For example, we need to make some decisions about notes. Although electronic notes (Word, etc) would be ideal, we don’t have enough computers for everyone. Ideas?
  • Finally, we will discuss what has made you who you are

What Has Made You Who You Are?

One the best ways to understand how people, events, successes, failures, and issues impact history is to examine how they impact you.  Thus, I’d like you to do the following:

  1. Arrange a page so that you have 5 sections: people, events, successess, failures, and issues.  You may uses lists, a diagram, a chart, or anything else that you think suits the task. Just make sure that you leave enough room to write 3 short points under each heading.
  2. List and briefly describe those things that have impacted your life the most. Make sure you put your points under the appropriate headings: For example, your parent/guardian should be placed under the “people” heading.  Passing the exam you were sure you were going to fail or winning a championship should be placed under successes.



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