My Summer Projects

Here is what I need to do this summer:

  • Finish the Egyptian video game (get students to do voice bits in September)
  • Think about how to shift game production into the hands of the students.
  • Investigate how to integrate livescribe pens  into classes. I want students to use this to teach each other, with the results stored on class blog
  • Figure out how students can get the most out of research through RSS feeds. Maybe have each student responsible for a specific issue, and have them track stories?
  • Consider the following problem: how do I encourage effective collaboration in groups that, for whatever reason, lack some of the skills/mindsets required?
  • Think carefully about the purpose of English class. Do I want students who will never take a lit course at university to be literary critics, or to love literature? Given that universities are requiring less and less writing from undergrads in most disciplines, upon which criteria should writing requirements for high school English be built?



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