21st Century Classroom: the Layout

I have the opportunity to redesign my classroom to best reflect 21st century learning. I’ve  experimented with a few of setups this year. Here is my favourite:

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BTW, the screen is just a painter’s tarp and 2’x4’s. For $40 we made a 8′ x 10′ screen. Works well.

What I’d like to add/change:

  • Purpose: Seth Godin’s words (with a few minor changes) in big, bold letters.
  • Flexibility: I like the pod format, but we need to be able change the setup within a minute or two. Thus, I’d like to create a few posters that indicate the set up we will use for different tasks; hopefully, this will speed up the process of moving desks around.
  • White Spaces: I’d love to maximize the wall space students have to work on ideas. Idea Paint would be great, but it is pricey. Instead, I’d like to find old whiteboards from around our school board, and use them to replace blackboards/corkboards.
  • Cupboards: Funny things, cupboards. I always find a way to fill them with useless stuff. I think I’d rather have more room for books and other useful devices/texts.
  • Teacher Space/Tech Space: I’d like to lose my desk entirely. Instead, I’d like a podium directly under the projector. All the stuff necessary for the projector (PC, stereo, DVD player) would be stored there.
  • A reading area: I’m thinking about  having a separate area in the corner of the room for reading (probably where the teacher’s desk is currently located). Of course, it could be for other tasks, too; I just want an area that feels different from the rest of the room.

Any idea? Let me know!


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