ENG 4U: The Luck of the Draw

We need to decide the order of presentations for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  We will do this by pulling pieces of paper out of a Centurion helmet. Fitting, yes?

I cannot change the date of presentations. If you wish to change your date, you must find someone in the class who is willing to switch with you.

Wednesday Thursday Friday  

About the Presentation

  • the 4-5 minute presentation CANNOT run too long.  Because of the format, your monitoring of time will be essential. The stopwatch website will be set at 5 minutes; when the buzzer goes, your presentation ends.
  • Due to the walkabout format, everyone will present at least once before being evaluated. Each round, a few presenters can take a break. In all, be prepared to present 4-5  times in one class.
  • You will be presenting to more than 3 students at a given time. Thus, a conversational/interactive approach is encouraged

About the Content

  • Your presentation needs to make real world connections between the theme examined in your essay and the real world.  To ensure that you meet this component, please run your choice by me.
  • While you should explicitly mention the connection at least once in your presentation, the focus needs to be on the “real world” example.
  • Given the time limitations, you need to focus your work. I suggest with working with the following approach: “What is it? What happens/happened? Why does it matter?”

About the “Media”

  • Your presentation must have a visual component. This can be a poster, a wordle, a short powerpoint presentation, or any number of options. While it can include the work of others, it must be assembled by you. (Thus, while a 30 second video clip might be relevant to your presentation, it would not meet the media creation requirement

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