ENG 4U: Where Do Get Our Ideas/Values?

We are going to continue our discussion of hegemony today. While hegemony has several meanings, one common definition is the dominance of one group by another with consent. I like to think about this as an exchange:  a group surrenders some of its autonomy to get something–usually value messages–from someone in power.

Ultimately, I’d like us to consider the following question:

How much power does the average person have in determining what he/she actually values?

First, let’s talk hockey. I was busy on a project for the school assembly last night, and didn’t watch the game. Luckily, however, I’ve found two news articles that should help me get caught up. One is from the Vancouver Sun, and the other is from the Boston Globe. (I don’t know why I chose two…a waste of time, in retrospect. After all, they are covering the same game, right?)

Second, let’s consider what shapes the messages we see:

  • A brief clip from Ted.com about the news
  • A brief comparison of today’s news stories from around the world, from Newseum

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