CHW 3M: A Change in Plans

To accommodate another class, we need to move out of this room twice in the next two weeks. For one day, we can create skits to teach each other about some aspect of life during the Age of Faith. We will find something equally useful on the other day.

Today, however, we need to choose these two days. Since this will impact your culminating activity time, I’d like you to be part of this decision.

What Needs to Be Done Today

  • Annotated Bibliographies need to finished and submitted
  • If you haven’t submitted your Egypt write-up yet, please put it in the L Drive
  • I’d like to take a quick look at your Monastery pamphlets. Not finished? Please get yours  ready.
  • If you are working on the Dark Ages video, make sure you track your findings according to the categories we discussed yesterday.
  • Finally, if you are finished all of these steps, you may work on your Culminating Activity



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