CHC 2D: A Return to Collaboration

Our attempts at collaborative tasks have not always worked as well as I had hoped. After a few very traditional days, however, we might be ready to try again.

Visualizations of Peacekeeping

After William  leads us in a short overview of Canadian peacekeeping in Yugoslavia, you will be divided into groups. Each group will be responsible for answering the following questions:

  •  Should Canada continue to invest in peacekeeping? Why or why not?
  • What factors should shape our decisions about peacekeeping?
  • Have our losses been worthwhile? Why or why not?


Regardless of the format chosen, your group’s work will be posted on this blog as a study tool for the entire class. You have 20 minutes to plan what you will do before you have access to the materials.

  • 2 groups will use the Livescribe Pen (your videos will be two minutes long)
  • 2 groups will use the whiteboards to create a graffiti wall (the walls will be photographed and added to the blog)
  • 1 group will create a PowerPoint  slide
  • 1 group will use Comic Life to create a 3 page graphic answer to the questions

You will be organized according to your seating arrangement. I will choose your leaders.


If you are using a computer, use this website to get images:


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