ENG 4U: Preparing for the End

We have eight days of classes left, not including review days. Three of those days are dedicated to the final component of your Culminating Activity, a 5 minute presentation done in a walkabout format; this means that you will present only to a small group of  your peers at a time, and that you will complete your presentation several times within a single period.

Your presentation must make a real world connection to your theme for your comparative essay. Taking a quick look at Google News might help you find something current and relevant. Here are some ideas that may get you started:

  • If you looked at power (especially the abuse of power) look for stories of politicians/leaders abusing their power
  • If you read dystopian novels that feature oppressive/corrupt governments,  consider looking for the same topic in the news. Sadly, there are many stories about corrupt and repressive governments in the news right now.
  • There have been a few recent stories about mental illness and teens. You could examine one of these stories, or examine the plight of the mentally ill in society.
  • Writing about the oppression of a specific group? Why not look for current examples of the group’s oppression?

In preparation for your presentations, we will spend the next few days examining media. We will begin by returning to the start of the year. Let’s try to infer what we can from a bunch of dated CDs; I hope this will help us begin a meaningful discussion of conventions we see in all forms of media production. We will also consider the nature of the signs which we read in media. If we feel really adventurous, we will discuss hegemony.

Please do not make fun of my musical taste. I had to find CDs that you have (hopefully) never heard of.

Finally, we need to choose the days on which everyone will present.  We also need to choose a day to work on the presentations.


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