CHW 3M: Becoming a Monk

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I’d really like to wear simple robes and live in complete isolation for the rest of my life?” If so, you will find today particularly useful. If not, you still have to complete today’s work. Sorry.

Read page 503-506, and use it to construct a small pamphlet that will entice others to join your Monastery. Include the following:

  • an explanation of the spread of Christianity (remember that a good pamphlet might convert some of the local pagans…they need to know a little about your faith if they are to join)
  • an explanation of monastic life in a Benedictine monastery
  • the role of saints in the faith, especially St. Augustine (Cult of Saints)
  • the fun young monks will have working on Illuminated Manuscripts

Please remember that this is an in-class task. It does not need to have the level of sophistication of an assignment.

Though this is not being evaluated, those students who show up in a friar’s robe and sporting a monkish haircut will get a small prize.

After receiving the prize, these students will be sent to the office for uniform violation.


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