CHC 2D: Test Review

Here are the topics you need to know for next week’s test. The questions for the quiz show can be found here. Don’t look at them before Wednesday!

Things to keep in mind:

  • What impact did these ideas/people/events have on Canada and/or the world?
  • How are these things related? Are some directly linked (cause and effect)? Are some thematically linked?


  • The Richard Riot
  • Cold War
  • The Baby Boom
  • Rise of Consumer Society
  • Rise of Suburbia
  • The Teenager
  • Branch Plants (livescribe video explanation)
  • The Suez Crisis


  • Cuban Missile Crisis
  • The Flag Debate
  • The Quiet Revolution
  • Trudeaumania
  • Immigration/Point System
  • St. Jean Baptiste Parade (1968)


  • October Crisis
      • Manifesto
      • James Cross
      • Pierre Laporte
      • FLQ
      •  War Measures Act and Government’s Response
  • The Summit Series
  • Iranian Hostage Crisis

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