CHC 2D: Writing a Manifesto

I want you to understand how groups in Canada have struggled for equity and recognition.  We have already seen that one extremist group, the FLQ, wrote a manifesto listing its concerns and demands. Today, you will do the same for either Canadian Women or  Aboriginal Canadians.

Note: you are angry, but not angry enough to use violence. Sorry to those of you looking forward to a revolution.

Your Manifesto:

  • Your manifesto will be at least one page long, single-spaced.
  • Your manifesto will outline some of the injustices your group has faced in 20th century Canada. Consult your timeline from yesterday to find the best examples. You will need to add detail to support your argument that you have been treated unfairly.
  • It should also explain what you want the people of Canada to do to correct these injustices.  Do you want financial compensation? A change in laws? A small part of southwestern Ontario?

What You Will Do:

  • You will work with your partners from yesterday for 20 minutes. During this 20 minutes, each of you will find 3-4 key points about one of the topics from your timeline, and share these with the group. This means that by the end of the 20 minutes, each group member should have 10-15 points.
  • Make sure you consult the Catechism to find at least one relevant point about social justice and equity.
  • You will spend the next 25 minutes writing your manifestos. You will write these independently.
  • In the remaining 20 minutes, we will listen to some of the manifestos.

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