ENG: Poems Should Take You Places…But Where?

We have a new kind of battle today.  This battle with feature three contenders, each with his/her own understanding of place, dreams, and meaning.  The first poet is left over from our battles from yesterday; he loves wordplay, and often uses words out-of-place. Our next poet is known for her scathingly funny poems that push boundaries. Today, however, we will look at some of her more reflective work.

As for the third poet…how could I forget about him?

He wrote so many poems, so many you see,
That his work is well-known to you, and you, and me.
His lines are playful, his images strange,
Our world in his is all re-arranged.
While you might see a fish, a ham, maybe a cat,
You’ll also find a lorax; how strange is that?


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