CHC 2D: A Changing Canada

Today, we will look at two key changes in Canada during the 1960s: The Flag Debate and The Quiet Revolution. As we discuss these issues, I want you to think about they might indicate about Canadian society.

The Flag Debate

Before the 1960’s, Canada used either the Union Jack (Great Britain’s flag) or the Red Ensign. Prime Minister wanted a uniquely Canadian flag. Let’s take a look at some of the options, and how Canadians responded to the new change.

  • As you watch this clip, pay careful attention to how the veterans in the audience respond to the Prime Minister
  • This short video will outline some of the options that were considered
  • Let’s look at some of the options presented by Canadians. Here are a few more.

The Quiet Revolution

  • to understand some of the differences between English and French Canada in the 1960s, watch this

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