CHC 2D: Culminating Activity Work

  • Today, you need to type a few entries for your Culminating Activity.
  • Do not conduct research on the internet today. Instead type the work you have already started/completed; this way, you will have a segment of the project done before you leave today.
  •  Remember to save your work to your H Drive.


Remember that while you may use other sources besides your textbook and your notes, you have to cite these sources appropriately.  Relying heavily on such sources will require more searching and more work.   Everything you need to complete the written component of this assignment should be in the text and your notes; stick to these as much as possible.

Remember that you will be submitting your assignment electronically. The assignment will be submitted to, a website that checks student work against millions of websites and documents.  If you are curious, here is the link.

If you need to cite something, I suggest using this resource:


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