CHW 3M: The Gladiators of Rome

What is Your Goal?

Tomorrow, you and your partner will teach everyone about the gladitorial pairing you choose today.  Think back to our re-enactment of the Olympic Games, and you will have an idea what you need to do. Still, here are some guidelines that will help you create your 3-4 minute presentation/skit.

  • What is the source/inspiration for these particular gladiators? Do they reflect Roman myth or history?
  • What purpose did these particular gladiators serve?
  • What weapons/armor did they use? Why?

What Supplies Will You Need?

  • You may bring items from home for this presentation. Props only; no real weapons, please.
  • From my personal collection, I can offer you a bloodied sword (thanks, Art students), a horse, a centurion helmet, a blanket or two, and, inexplicably, a trident.

Here are our pairings. Once you and your partner have chosen your pairing, please tell Ms. Geurten. First come, first serve.

  • origins of the games (for the non-violent among you)
  • Noxii  vs. Noxii
  • Provocatores vs. Provocatores
  • Murmillo vs. Thraex/Thracian
  • Secutor vs. Retiarius
  • Samnite vs. Rudiarii
  • Bestiarius vs. Beasts
  • Andabatae vs. Andabatae
  • Cestus vs. Cestus
  • Essedarius vs. Essedarius
  • Hoplomachi vs. Hoplomachi (singular:  Hoplomachus)

Here are some resources that you should consult. While you may consult other sources, make sure you assess their validity. Avoid, for example, sites like

  • Wikipedia provides a very short introduction to many of the types listed above. This will help you get started.
  • This site from the University of Chicago provides detail about several gladiatorial types
  • Here are several books about Gladiators.
  • Here are some clips from Learn360 that might be useful.

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