ENG 4U: Your Presentations Will Change the World

Don’t think you can change the world with just some hard work and ingenuity? Watch this clip; notice that the presenter has absolutely no formal training required to make the device he and his colleagues produce:


What does this have to with your presentations for Life of Pi and Stone Angel? Unless you plan on creating a device that allows old curmudgeons to see the truth, or some sort of tiger repellant, not much. Still, I’d like you to approach your presentations with all of the gusto and focus you can muster.

Your presentations may not change the world; still, maybe one day, the skills you  learn will help you convince the world that something, anything,  is worth changing.

As you begin your work, remember:

  • clearly state your argument in the opening moments of the presentation
  • provide a clear route map (tell us the structure of the presentation at the beginning, and follow it)
  • discuss and engage; do not read

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