CHW 3M: Time to Break Out the Maps…


After Julius Caesar’s assassination, the Second Triumvirate, consisting of Octavian, Lepidus, and Marc Antony, control the Republic. Soon, however, Rome  becomes embroiled in civil war. The leaders of the two factions are engaged in a heated propaganda campaign based on who is entitled to be Caesar’s successor.  Marc Antony and Cleopatra, the Queen of Egypt, argue that Cleo’s son Caesarion should rule; after all, he is also the son of the late Julius Caesar. Their opposition, Octavian, is the adopted son of Julius Caesar, and also has a legitimate claim to Rome.

What We Will Do:

We will divide the class into six groups. Three groups will represent Tony and Cleo, while the other three will represent the forces of Octavian

We will recreate the Battle of Actium through three to four rounds. Each round, the groups will be presented with a piece of information that will help them make strategic decisions.

At the end of each round, I will show you the decisions made by the actual commanders

At the end of the battle, one group from each side will be chosen the winner. These teams will be showered with riches tomorrow (probably in the form of chocolate).



 Octavian  Marc Antony and Cleopatra


 Marcus Agrippa  Marc Antony



  •       400 warships, mostly small
  •        16,000 Legionary Marines.
  •        3 000 archers

  •     230 warships, mostly quinqueremes
  •      2,000 Archers
  •      20,000 Legionary Marines



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