ENG 4U: Odds and Ends

Hi everyone.  Assuming you are awake (which, if you are reading this, is a safe assumption) you have realized that I am not here. Good for you! Such careful attention to detail will serve you well in the future.

  • Remember: for Monday, you need to have section 5 read and your section 4 activity completed. Friday is a PD Day; if you are at all behind with reading, Friday morning might be an ideal time to catch up. If everyone works well today AND comes prepared for Monday with the section 4 activity in hand,  you will not have to complete activity 5. This will free up a little time for you on Monday and Tuesday to work on blog entries….
  • Out of the kindness of  Ms. Simoes’ heart ( I would say “my” heart, but I am not very kind), we will push the due date for the blogs back to Wednesday. Remember, however, that this is the very last day I can accept them before the end of the term.  I will begin looking at them Wednesday morning….
  • Looking for the guidelines/rubric for the blogs? Please see my blog entry from March 9th, https://pedrech.wordpress.com/2011/03/09/eng-4u-assignments-make-me-happy/
  • Note: for this round of blogs, we will waive the need to make comments. Just complete your three blog entries, and we will work on the comments in term 2
  • If you have time, check out the entry immediately below this one. It is for my ancient history class, and links to an amazing story from Egypt: archeologists have unearthed nearly 8 million mummified puppies in secret tunnels under the deserts of Egypt.

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