ENG 4U: Writing Summaries

A few things:

Today, I need you to fill out an excel spreadsheet so I can track what you are up to. Make sure you have the numbers for your texts available. I also need your ID for wordpress, and the titles for the novels you have chosen for your culminating activity.

By the way, you have roughly 40 days left until the first component of your novel study is due.  Tempus fugit….

You have your article, yes? Let’s get started.

Remember the basic guidelines for writing summaries:

  • the summary should be roughly 20% of the original’s length
  • the first sentence should contain the article title, the author’s name, and the author’s central argument/thesis
  • use your own words as much as possible (make sure, however, that the tone is still appropriate to the task)
  • do not include examples. Instead, focus on the controlling ideas for each paragraph.
  • do not include your own opinion

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