CHW 3M: Ancient Greece Test Prep


Your goals are:

  •  to demonstrate your understanding
  • to analyse effectively
  • to communicate ideas clearly
  • to make important and relevant connections


Part I: Mix and Match

Part II: identify the significance (why did this idea/person/event matter?)

Part III: sustained response (3-4 paragraphs on a specific topic. No thesis required)

Part IV: short arguments (choose 3 of 5 sentences, and write a one paragraph response to these 3 sentences. The sentence will require you to choose a side and provide evidence)

Example: Spartan society produced better citizens than Athenian society


Foundations of Greece

  • How Geography shaped Greece
  • The importance of the Iliad and the Odyssey

Persian War

  • Hoplites and Greek Warriors
  • The Battle of Salamis
  • Artemisia of Caria
  • Thermopylae
  • Themistocles


Athens and Sparta

  • Cultural differences
  • Political differences
  • Differences in military
  • Women in Sparta and Athens
  • Great Leaders (Solon)

Greek Life

  • Great Thinkers (Plato)
  • Allegory of the Cave
  • Greek Gods and Faith (general)
  • Ancient Olympics

Peloponnesian War

  • Delian League
  • The Plague
  • A few key details about the war
  • Pericles of Athens
  • How the war ended

Alexander the Great

  • Does he deserve the title?
  • Gaugamela
  • Great Man Theory
  • Key innovations

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