CHC 2D: The Prime Minister Meets A Citizen

Today, you will work on a dialogue with a partner. The dialogue will feature RB Bennett, Prime Minister during the Great Depression, talking to an unemployed Canadian worker. These two will discuss the struggles of Canadians during the Great Depression. Here are some topics that you may work into your dialogue:

  • RB Bennett was a millionaire. He routinely gave his own money to Canadians who wrote to him directly for assistance.
  • Still, Bennett was blamed for some of Canada’s problems. When the homeless used newspapers as blankets, they called them Bennett Blankets. Similarly, citizens who couldn’t afford gas for their cars used horses to pull them; these were called Bennett Buggies.
  • In 1935, workers from the west organized the On to Ottawa Trek. The Trek is explained in both the scrapbooks and your texts; make sure your characters refer to this event. What would the Prime Minister say about this event? What would the worker say?


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