ENG 4U: One Act in a Single Day?!?!?!?

Here is what we need to accomplish today:

  1. We need to take a  look at your advice column from yesterday. I’ll check this quickly.
  2. We need to look briefly at the handout dealing with the Nature of Tragedy (the Thursday before March Break)
  3. We will  act out scenes i-iv. Be ready!
  4. We will watch a version of scene v. This scene is crucial to anyone examining madness or the role of female characters.
  5. We will read scenes vi together.
  6. Hopefully, we will get scene vii. Let’s see what happens…. 

Other notes:

Your Hamlet Assignment has been pushed back…again. Simply put, we haven’t finished the play yet, and we need to give you more time to work together. Let’s make it April 1st, shall we?

After we finish Hamlet, we will spend a few days writing summaries. While I  could  choose one essays/articles for you to summarize, there is really no reason to do. Thus, for Wednesday this week, I want you to bring in two articles of your choice:

  •  The articles can be about any subject, though the article must contain some level of analysis.  This task will be extremely difficult if the article does not contain a clear argument.
  • Since your summaries will be one paragraph long, you should choose articles that are at least 800 words; anything shorter will make your task difficult.
  • If you can’t find articles, consider looking at the Atlantic, the Walrus, or the Guardian.

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