ENG 4U: Blogs, A Quick Game, and Writing An Advice Column

A Note About Your Blogs:

Starting this week, you will be asked to write a blog entry each week.  The blogs will not be evaluated until the week of the 11th.
A Quick Game:
To recap some of the key elements of the first half of Hamlet ,  we will play the Shakespearean Line Challenge. Here is how it works.

  • Each group will be assigned two scenes. You will have 10 minutes to find key lines. 
  • When the game begins, one group will challenge another to find one of these key lines and identify its significance. 
  • If the group cannot explain the line’s significance, the team that issued the challenge must explain its importance.
  • Point Breakdown
  • 1 point for identifying the line
  • 1 point for identifying the significance
  • -1 point for being unable to explain the significance of a line your group chose

Writing an Advice Column:

We will also look at Act III scenes iii-iv. By tomorrow, I’d like you to write a 1 page, single-spaced advice column responding to one of the questions below. While you may can be as creative as you wish, you must include specific references to the events of today’s scenes. One way to do this is to use the events of the play as an example of what to do (or not to do).

Here are your options:

Dear Advice Columnist,
I am obsessed with thoughts of revenge. Should I seek vengeance and, if so, when is the best time to do so?
Haunted by Ghosts

Dear Advice Columnist,
I have been asked by a friend to spy on an acquaintance. The problem is that the acquaintance is a little unstable. He is so paranoid that he is convinced that evil forces are working against him; if he catches me, he will probably respond badly. Any suggestions?
Leery of Lunacy

Dear Advice Columnist,
A friend recently told me a secret: my current boyfriend sabotaged my previous relationship to be with me! I am shocked (and, to be honest, a little flattered).
I know what you are thinking. I should leave him, right? Unfortunately, this really isn’t an option for me. People don’t “leave” each other where I am from.  
I don’t know what to do. My friend has advised me to keep a safe distance from my boyfriend, and wait for events to unfold.  The problem is that my friend isn’t exactly stable. In fact, he has been seeing things. Odd things.

Should I listen to my crazy, yet loyal, friend?
Sanity vs. Sabotage


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