ENG 4U: Assignments Make Me Happy

Here are two assignments/rubric you need to consult.  The Lit Crit and Hamlet outlines the Hamlet assignment in detail. The second is the Assignment 3 Rubric for your blogs.

What is Blogging?

A blog is a searchable history of a writer’s thoughts and comments on a variety of subjects. Because the blog format permits readers to leave comments, the blog is also a multilogue, a conversation between a number of people (unless of course, we are talking about my blog. Because no one reads my blog, it is technically a monologue).

What the Entry Requirements?

  • You will write THREE blog entries in each term
  • Each entry will be roughly 250 words
  • The entries may be on a variety of topics, but providing your blog with a specific focus will help you considerably
  • The tone of the blog should be informal/conversational, but not colloquial. This means that you may deliberately break a grammar rule or two, but you should avoid clichés and expressions that are best saved for interactions with friends. Remember, too, that informal writing still features appropriate word choice.
  • Blog paragraphs tend to be shorter than essay paragraphs.


The tone tends to be conversational, not formal. Remember that you want people to respond to your work.

  • Engage the audience. You need to keep the reader’s interest.
  • Make the first sentence count. Have you ever visited a website, only to leave after a few seconds because it didn’t grab your interest? Blogs need to capture the reader’s interest immediately, or the visitor might find another site.
  • Stake out new ground. Don’t retell a story that I can find elsewhere. Give me a fresh perspective.
  • Mix opinion with analysis. Because this is a blog, you MUST tell me what you think. Just remember to analyze your own ideas and conclusions.  
  • This is a mixed medium.  If you a writing a CD review, link to a site that allows me to listen to a few seconds of the recording. If you are stating your opinion about the latest hockey controversy, link to a reputable site that is covering the story.
  • It is okay to be uncertain, or to ask for feedback. Blogging is a great way to explore an issue/problem that has you befuddled. You can use the blog to analyze all sides of the problem.

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