CHW 3M: A Warrior’s Journal

Today, you assume the role of either a Spartan or an Athenian hoplite during the Persian Wars. You will write a  series of  journals outlining your experiences in the crucial battles of this monumental conflict. As a nice bonus, you will learn the meaning of the name  Kratos (God of War, anyone?).

This is you. Pretty tough, aren't you? (By Johnny Shumate, via Wikipedia, and in the Public Domain)

Each entry should be roughly 4-5 sentences long. Remember that your goal is to understand this content; thus, it is your responsibility to include relevant facts and details. Remember, however, that if you are using the computer to create your journal (say, in OneNote), you can add images, maps, and anything else you feel appropriate.

 Write one journal for each topic below (except 5, of course). I’ve given you the page references next to each entry. You may certainly look at online sources/videos as well, but just remember that the textbook describes these battles effectively.

  1. What exactly is a hoplite? (oops…I can’t remember the page number..) 
  2. A section explaining Greek unity (119-121)
  3. The Battle of Marathon (121)
  4. Thermopylae (122)
  5. Skip Salamis…we will reenact this battle tomorrow
  6. Plataea (123)

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