ENG 4U: Searching for Sources

We are in the lab today. You may either learn more about blog writing  by reading a few blogs online, or you may conduct some research for your Hamlet assignment.

If you are looking for blogs:

  •  start by looking up blogs connected to your interests.  For example, if you wish to write a series of album reviews, look for bloggers that write reviews, too.
  • Compare mainstream and inpendent blogs. Writing about sports? Find a professional writer/blogger on the cbc.ca (or a similar site) and compare his/her work to that of a fan blogger.

Blogs tend to feature the following conventions:

  • The opening sentences are catchy, engaging, or even controversial. The writer needs to get your interest right away, or you might navigate to another site.
  • In keeping with traditional journalism, the paragraphs tend to be shorter (3-4 sentences long).
  • The tone is usually informal, with regular use of personal pronouns. Blogs reflect personal opinions, after all.
  • Unlike essays, blogs don’t have to be linear. While you still need to back up opinions with evidence and analysis, you don’t have to come to a clear conclusion. Thing of blogs are part of a discussion: you may state your opinion, work out an idea or two, or even withhold judgement.

Looking for sources for your work on Hamlet?

  • Visit the library’s databases
  • If you have a London Library card, you have access to the Pubilc Library’s electronic databases
  • Try Google Scholar
  • All try the Free Library

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