ENG 4U: Tutorials

Today, we will attempt our first tutorial. You will be divided into 2 large groups; each group will arrange desks in a large oval.

Use the following set of questions to guide your discussions. You may use the set of questions in any order you wish, but I suggest starting with the first pair; because this pair is based solely on your personal experiences, they should generate some discussion:

  • How do you feel about studying Shakespeare?
  • What approaches to studying Shakespeare have worked best for you? Which ones haven’t worked for you?


  • Whille Shakespeare is part of the Literary Canon, his plays and their performances were considered somewhat dangerous in his day. Why?
  • One of the most common patterns in the arts is the gradual acceptance of  “dangerous” art. At first, ballet was ridiculed. Opera was rejected. Rock ‘n’ roll wasn’t considered “real” music. Now, ballet and opera are considered high art, and you can actually received a Masters degree in the impact of the Beatles on popular culture.  Which current “dangerous” artists (musical or otherwise) might eventually be considered part of the Musical Canon?


  • What were some of the influences on language in Shakespeare’s time? How might these influences impact your ability to understand Shakespeare’s work?
  • The English language has mutated more than most languages. Even today, it changes continually. What are some influences on language that change how we use it? (Think of terms and slang that have fallen out of style).

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