ENG 4U: A Tutorial about Tutorials

On Friday we will have our very first tutorial. While one tutorial later in the year will be formally evaluated, this one will not. Consider it one of a series of practices before the big game.

What is a Tutorial?

Tutorials are essentially small discussions led by an instructor. These discussions are usually based on a reading given to the students in advance. University and college instructors might dedicate 1 of 3 hours of class time per week to tutorials. In first year, a class of several hundred students might be divided into 5 or 6 separate tutorial periods.

What is your Goal?

  • University tutorials are graded according to participation. Thus, you need to participate at least once. Ideally, you should:
  • make at least one specific reference to the text.
  • make at least one relevant point that demonstrates your insight/understanding/opinion.

How will our Tutorial Work?

  • I will give you guiding questions in advance. This will help you focus reading.
  • I will record both sessions. I will then assemble your work into a short video that will demonstrate your collective brilliance. You can help me choose the background music; I am leaning towards Death Metal.

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