CHW 3M: The Creative Process

Let’s begin with a short discussion of your findings on Friday.

  • What is Hatshepsut’s legacy?
  •  What do the events of her life tell us about life in ancient Egypt?

Today, we need to start our video game project. I think we should start by looking at the example from last semester:

Next, we need to start brainstorming. We will use Scribblar for this. Each page in the Scribblar window below is dedicated to a different topic.

Some rules/guidelines:

  • Please use your first name as your login
  • If you wish to add something to Scribblar, get my attention first. We will use this approach to limit the amount of students trying to access the page at the same time.
  • Keep the text small. Put your name at the end of anything you add to a page.
  • You can add images and links.

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