CHW 3M: A Different Approach

While we have made great use of the technology in the room, today we need to focus on a different mode of expression: performance.

I would like you to teach each other everything we need to know about the role of magic in Egyptian life.  Here is the process:

  • Each group lays claim to one of the following topics: Injury/Treatment, Magicians/Techniques, Protection/Healing, and Curses/the Dead.
  • You will read the appropriate section of one of the two articles found at the bottom of this entry. The topics correspond to the headings/pages of the article
  • All group members will help create a skit that will teach the class about this aspect of Egyptian life
  • One of the group members is not allowed to act. Instead, this group member must produce a short Word document listing the 5 key points you want the class to take from this skit.  This document must be in the L Drive before the group presents
  • This group member may also submit a background or two that the group wants for their skit. The background will be displayed via the projector.
  • You must be ready to present by 12:40. Go!


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