CHW 3M: The Old Kingdom

You will have some time today (and all of tomorrow) to work on your SPEAR assignment.  Before we get to the assignment, however, there are a few things we need to address.

First,  you need to download the following image based on our work on Friday. You can print it off for your notes, or you can insert it into your OneNote file from your H drive.

I also need you to find out more about the Old Kingdom of Egypt and a man named Imhotep.  If you have played any of the Civilization games, you may have “earned” Imhotep for your civilization; today, you will find out why.

Please read pages 56-58 of your text, starting at the heading THE RISE OF THE NATION OF EGYPT. I’d like you to:

  • explain what defined the Old Kingdom (politics and wealth)
  • explain the contributions of Imhotep to Egyptian life

You may arrange your understanding in a number of ways. Remember that you can add pictures, create a flow chart, or simply write in point form.


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