ENG 4U: Organization

IMPORTANT NOTE: This Friday, we will participate in a video conference with Adrienne Pedrech, Ph.d., a former lecturer at McMaster University and a current instructor at a school somewhere in Boston. Is it unbrotherly of me not to remember which school? Oh well.

She will talk with us about writing requirements in University (especially the Sciences). She will gladly tell you what she thinks  first year students need to know. In your spare time, think of a question or two…

Now that you have shared your work from yesterday, it is time to add another method of organization to your repertoire. The General to Specific method can be used in a variety of situations, but it is most common in the introductions to essays. The writer uses a general to specific introduction to move the audience from a general discussion of the topic to a specific and clear thesis. Here are some examples:

Topic The presidency of George Bush The film Toy Story 3
Potential beginning  The importance of the Presidency  How animated films have become mainstream
Narrowing the topic  What American voters want from a President  Why animated films are so popular with film studios (easier to produce sequels)
Thesis  Despite his initial promise, George Bush did not live up to the expectations of the American people.  While Toy Story 3 features the same lovable characters as the first two films, the story fails to capture the hearts of the viewers.

Your task:
Choose one of the thesis statements below, and write an introduction that will move the reader from the general to the specific (the thesis). You are NOT writing the essay itself.

  • Despite the distance between users, social media provides suprisingly complex and meaningful ways for users to communicate.
  • Publishing lies or slander on the internet is not a crime, but it should be.
  • Sadly, our culture tends to focus on the worst qualities of professional athletics, thus ignoring the true value of sport.

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