CHW 3M: Mesopotamia has always been somewhat messy

Today, I want you to learn more about the ancient land of Mesopotamia. Located in the same region as modern-day Iraq, Mesopotamia was crucial to Western development. Nothing indicates this more than its nickname: the cradle of civilization. Its key city, Babylon, was the epicentre of western civilization for over a thousand years.

Your goal is to apply 2 elements of SPEAR to this ancient civilization. You have several options for finding out more about Mesopotamia:

After we have examined some basics about Mesopotamia, we will talk about the Code of Hammurabi, the world’s first great legal code (written, as you might have guessed, by a ruler named Hammurabi). Remember that you don’t have to start at the beginning, or read every bit of the code. Instead, look for codes/laws that give you some insight into life in Mesopotomia:


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