SPEAR is an acronym that we will use throughout the year to help us understand what makes cultures tick.  SPEAR stands for:

  1. society (How does the culture function? What are its rules? Who does what?)
  2. politics (Who is in charge? How is power distributed? How does this power structure shape the culture?)
  3. economics (How wealthy is this culture? What is its source of income? How does trade shape its existence?)
  4. arms (What role does the military play in this culture? How/why is the army successful?)
  5. religion (What did the people of this culture believe? How did this belief shape their existence?

Your Task:

In groups of five, I’d like you to spend 20 minutes applying SPEAR to an ancient culture of your choice. While you may choose one of the cultures we will study this year, you may use other options as well.

  1. Decide who will look at each element of SPEAR
  2. Choose a method of organizing your work (notes? Word? PowerPoint? OneNote?)
  3. Choose 3-4 points that explain the role of your element (arms, religion, etc) in the culture you are examining

Note: your group will summarize your findings for the class. Be ready. Submit your work to the L Drive.


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