CHW 3M: What to Expect

This course will introduce you to several important cultures and eras that predate the 16th century. We will examine each of these cultures using the same basic criteria, but our focus will vary slightly from culture to culture. Here is a quick overview of the units this semester, along with the major assignments for each unit:

  1. A short introduction to the past: poster
  2. Ancient Egypt: a video game (previous example:
  3. Ancient Greece: The Olympiad/Test
  4. Ancient Rome: Test
  5. Independent Study: A Presentation
  6. The Age of Faith: A Podcast
  7. Class Choice  (Vikings, Ancient China, Ancient Japan, etc): No Assignment
  8. Culminating Activity (essay that can be based on Independent Study Unit)

What we need to do today

You need to choose a method of organizing your coursework that is appropriate for you. It is important to decide today because this will dramatically impact the amount of photocopying I will do (none sounds good to me, by the way). If you would like to propose another method that is not listed below, please let me know:

  1. Traditional notes/notebook
  2. Word (recommended for those who are good typists and like to write)
  3. OneNote

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