ENG 3U: Conversation and Your Tasks

Mr. Pedrech: Good morning everyone! The One Student Who is Awake: Good morning, Mr. Pedrech! Mr. Pedrech: This week, we will continue on our media tasks. You will also prepare for a short conversation with me. Student Who Likes to Remind Me of Stuff: Mr. Pedrech, you know how we feel about talking to you. Everyone agreed that we would keep our conversations with you to a minimum. Mr. Pedrech: True, but these will be special conversations. Student with a disproportionate affinity for the word “special”: SPECIAL? Oh Boy! Mr. Pedrech: That’s right! These conversations will be evaluated. We will … Continue reading ENG 3U: Conversation and Your Tasks

ENG 4U: A Back-Channel for Hamlet

Please take out your devices and go to the website listed on the board. Today, we are going experiment with back-channeling. Back-channeling is a way of tracking questions, comments, or issues from a group of people without disturbing the main discussion. We will use Today’s Meet to create a back-channel; you may post any of the following to our room: questions about the action/dialogue observations about what is happening any predictions you may have about what might happen next The Scenes Yesterday, Horatio and company saw the ghost of Hamlet’s father. Recall that they decided to tell the young prince about … Continue reading ENG 4U: A Back-Channel for Hamlet